What's Been Happening These Past Couple of Months?

Hey Everyone!
Lots of exciting updates! We have a new logo and AmericanCyclePath is CRUSHING his cross country journey! You really don't want to be missing out.


We have a lovely new logo designed by the ever-so-talented Khalil Riddick.
He is a Designer, an Illustrator, a Muralist, and a Print Maker residing in the 757- my ol' stomping grounds and coincidentally that same area code space where AmericanCyclePath started his journey! Khalil is humble with a chill sense of humor, and even though he's down-to-earth, his artwork is ethereal. Check it out here!
We will be adding his logo design to all shirts, hats, stickers, and any gear you can think of or wish to request! Thanks man! 


Sticking with our Athletes for Change platform, we are excited to add Mr. Overcash himself to our brand rep family and fundraising cause!!

Finally back in the gym

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Harrison is participating in the Terrain Race in October and will be repping MindOverSubstance as he dominates the course!
If you're interested in raising money for charities with us and overall raising awareness- contact us!!


Now, the news we've been patiently waiting for: where the heck is AmericanCyclePath??! It's been a little over 2 weeks and he has already made it...

878.4 MILES

Holy crap, right?! He is #killingthegame all day every day. And that includes a day of rain set backs! He's made it through Virginia, through Kentucky, and now he is in Illinois! What a beast. He has met awesome people along the way, had some bear scares, seen a tone of beautiful mountain views, biked 100 miles in a day and in 100 degree weather! (I'm just amazed because I can barely ride a bike- let's be real honest haha. I can do ballet, but not ride a bike), broken a spoke, gotten a flat tire, been chased by dogs, has deal with flash floods, thunderstorms, and fog.
He's slept at campsites, fire stations, churches, hostels, and friend's houses.
I just want to ask everyone:
Would you be brave enough to do this journey?