Our Story

Welcome to MindOverSubstance!
In 2016, I lost a best friend and my ex-boyfriend to over dose within 6 months of each other. A few months later, I also lost one of my college roommates. The epidemic is VERY REAL and too many people push it’s severity aside.
In the wake of these events, I started diving further into charity work, becoming a sponsored athlete to raise money, donating time and money to events, etc. I even held a fundraiser to help me raise more money to donate. That fundraiser went so well, I was asked to do another one. Well, that one went so well too, I decided to open an online shop to sell the shirts and merch 24/7 and give everyone the opportunity to rep the cause at the same time as donating to the organizations I was focusing so much time on! Why support just 1 cause, when you can support many at once AND rep!
Currently, 30% of all proceeds are donated to well-researched foundations and charities currently out there making a difference in prevention, awareness, and recovery! Every purchase helps Fight Addiction!
Our Current List Includes:
The Herren Project
Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
The Chaz Foundation
Not only are we looking to grow this list, we are looking to make enough money to donate back out up to 60% of our proceeds + eventually start our very own nonprofit which will develop educational counseling programs in universities with a focus on recognizing that "party drugs" are not just a phase, they take lives.
In addition to selling shirts, we:
  • Help sponsor brand reps who have a charity they wish to work with so they can earn even MORE money towards the cause!
  • Work alongside other charitable businesses and/or businesses with an equivalent mission/goal at events, trade shows, markets, concerts, you name it!
  • Host our own charitable events where many organizations, nonprofit + for profit, pull together as one for the cause!
Let us know if you’d like to be a part of our cause!
  • Just buy a shirt and/or
  • Email mindoversubstance@gmail.com

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